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Austin drivers are known as some of the worst in the country. One study ranked them as 160th out of 200 cities in the United States for driver safety. The city is growing by leaps and bounds, and it seems like most everyone in Austin is originally from somewhere else. At the same time, the exploding Austin population means that roadways designed for far fewer vehicles are now carrying much more traffic. For example, I-35 in Austin is now the most congested stretch of freeway in all of Texas. With busier roads come more car accidents. 

If you suffer injuries in a crash in the Austin area, please reach out to an experienced Austin auto accident attorney for help immediately. 

Austin Roads Are Getting Far More Dangerous

Traffic fatalities in Austin are approaching an all-time high. In 2021, Austin is approaching 100 traffic fatalities. For every person who is killed in a traffic accident, there are countless more people who suffer injuries. Some of these accidents can have lifelong financial and physical impacts, all from one moment where you were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Another driver’s bad day can lead to many of your bad days, and it is vital that you are compensated for what you have endured.

Why Austin Car Accidents Are on the Increase

Austin police have attributed the spike in accident fatalities to the following four factors:

After you have been injured in a car accident, your legal case is just beginning. The law makes it possible for you to receive financial compensation, but there are a number of requirements that you must meet first. The main one is showing that someone else was to blame for the car accident. Without that proof, you will be able to be paid for your injury.

Proving Negligence in a Car Accident

In every car accident case, the legal standard is negligence. This is the legal word for another driver acting in a way that a reasonable driver would not. Essentially, it means that they did something wrong or failed to do something that they should have done, and it caused your injuries. 

Here are some things that could be considered negligence in a car accident:

  • Running a stop sign and t-boning you at an intersection
  • Crashing into your car because the driver failed to signal or check their blind spot when changing lanes
  • Causing an accident because of aggressive driving or speeding
  • Crashing into you because the driver was looking down while sending a text

How an Experienced Attorney Could Help You After a Car Accident

Before you reach this point of conclusively establishing the case of the accident, you need proof to show what happened. Oftentimes, it is not possible to get this on your own. While many attorneys tell you what you should do at the scene of an accident, this advice fails to recognize the most important consideration; you have been injured. This is why you need the help of an experienced attorney when you are trying to show that someone else was to blame for your injuries. We will get right to work, collecting the evidence necessary to show an insurance company or a jury what happened to cause your accident.

Putting the Pressure on the Insurance Company for a Reasonable Settlement

Proving fault is only part of your legal battle after an accident. Even when you receive a settlement offer, chances are that you will need to do much more work to get the right amount of money to fully compensate you for your accident. A settlement check is only good if it fully pays you for your damages. Otherwise, you have signed away your legal rights for far less than you legally deserve. That is exactly what the insurance company wants. Hiring an aggressive auto accident lawyer is one way to keep that from happening. 

We will work hard on your behalf throughout the entire legal process. From investigating your accident to handling all the details of your claim, we fight for your interests when others try to work against them. 

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