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When you put your loved one in a nursing home, you are literally trusting the facility with their life. Your family member requires extensive medical care and can longer perform crucial activities of daily life for themselves. Sadly, nursing homes often do not look at the relationship the same way as you. In some unfortunate cases, your loved one is a revenue stream for the nursing home to maximize, and they do not provide the care that the law requires. When that happens, you can file a negligence lawsuit against the nursing home.

These claims are complicated, and nursing homes work to avoid liability whenever possible. Let an Austin nursing home negligence attorney fight for you and your loved one.

Nursing Homes Often Put Profits Ahead of People

Nursing homes must follow an entire set of federal regulations that dictate practically everything that they do in their facility. These rules aim to ensure that your loved one receives the care that they need on a daily basis. However, economic considerations, or just plain carelessness, often get in the way of the care that your relatives need. Some nursing homes are chronically understaffed, not because they cannot find qualified employees, but because the budget does not support it. Nursing homes are for-profit enterprises, and they simply want to make money. Staff is an expense.  

This results in too many instances of neglect, where residents do not receive timely and appropriate help and care. Elderly residents need constant care and attention. It does not take much for neglect or inattention to turn deadly or cause serious injury. While not every nursing home injury is caused by negligence, you should investigate what happened when your loved one has suffered an avoidable injury. 

How Nursing Home Negligence Harms Your Loved One

Here are some common examples of nursing home negligence that could lead to financial compensation for your family:

  • Your loved one develops a bedsore because staff left them in one place for too long without shifting their position. The bedsore then becomes severely infected because the nursing home fails to clean the wound and change the dressing.
  • Your family member is injured in a fall because the nursing home did not have a fall prevention plan when they were considered high-risk.
  • Dehydration and malnutrition injured your relative because staff did not monitor their feeding or properly help them with eating.
  • Medical malpractice caused injuries because nurses or doctors did not take the time to thoroughly examine your loved one or properly diagnose them.

However, the nursing home will likely do everything that it can to cover its tracks. While they are failing to care for your family member, they are trying to care for their own legal situation by not getting caught. This could make it hard for families to get information about what happened to their loved one after an injury. 

How a Nursing Home Negligence Lawyer Can Help You and Your Family

As nursing home negligence lawyers, we can do the following for you and your family:

  • Investigate the cause of your family member’s injury
  • Help your family bring what happened to the attention of authorities
  • Obtain the medical or care records needs to file a lawsuit
  • Learn about your case and advise you of your legal options
  • File and lawsuit on behalf of your family and present the case to the jury
  • Negotiate a possible settlement of your claim with the nursing home

Making the nursing home pay for what they did is one way that your family gets justice for the injury that they caused to a defenseless person who relied on them for their care. Not only can your family recover financially for what was done, but you can also send a message to the nursing home and possibly protect others from enduring what your family did. Lawsuits will call attention to a pattern of poor care at a nursing home and alert other people who are considering the facility for their family member of possible problems. 

Learn How Austin Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers Can Help

At The Martinez Law Firm, we help families get two things when their loved one has been hurt by nursing home negligence:

  • Answers 
  • Justice 

We will work tirelessly for you and your family when nursing home negligence has impacted you. Call us today at (512) 444-0025 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation and learn how you can file a lawsuit against the nursing home that injured your relative. You do not have to stand by and do nothing when a nursing home that you trusted did something to harm your family member. You can take legal action.

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