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We’ve all fallen down at one point in our lives, and the aftermath of a fall can vary widely from case to case. Some people get back up and continue on with their lives, laughing about the mishap. Others might need medical treatment and time to recover from injuries. Some fall victims might suffer life-changing injuries, and they might never fully recover. 

If you suffered injuries in a slip and fall accident that required medical attention, you might be eligible for compensation for your medical bills and other losses. Discuss your options with an Austin slip and fall attorney as soon as possible.

Slip and Falls Can Result in Serious Injuries

Falling from heights is often associated with serious injuries, though slipping and falling on even ground can also cause shockingly serious issues. Statistics indicate that about one million people seek emergency room care for slip and fall injuries each year in the United States. Many of these injuries disrupt the lives of victims and result in extensive losses. 

Slip and falls are a particular concern for seniors, as the following are reported:

  • One out of three adults over age 65 will fall
  • Half of senior fall victims are repeat fallers
  • The chances of falling increase sharply when an adult reaches age 75 or 85
  • Falls are the leading cause of hip fractures in seniors

Hip fractures and other injuries can be fatal for seniors. Many older adults who slip and fall and fracture a hip are never able to return home again. Instead, they might need to move into a long-term care or rehabilitation facility. 

Some slip and fall injuries that can happen to victims of any age include:

Even if an injury seems minor at first, medical bills can add up quickly. Many of these injuries might keep you out of work for a period of time, resulting in lost income. In some cases, these injuries can result in significant pain and suffering, as well as possible permanent effects. 

For example, some fractures never fully heal, even with multiple surgeries, and that body part might be impaired for the rest of your life. A serious TBI from hitting your head when you fell might result in cognitive impairments that are difficult to ever overcome.

When is Someone Else Responsible for Your Slip and Fall?

Because the losses from a slip and fall accident can be so costly, it is important that you identify when someone else should be responsible for your losses. Simply put, if another party was to blame for your fall, they should also be liable for your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and more. 

Some people might simply lose their balance and fall with no external factors. However, many falls happen because of hazards or other negligent acts. Businesses and property owners have the legal duty to keep their premises in a safe condition for customers or other visitors. When they fail to do so, hazards can arise, and slip and falls can happen. 

Some causes of slip and falls that might lead to an injury claim include:

  • Stores fail to clean up spills or warn customers of wet floors
  • Staff or property owners do not inspect the premises on a regular basis or fail to address known hazards
  • Nursing homes fail to properly supervise residents that have a high fall risk
  • Businesses leave debris in walkways or have overly-worn and slippery flooring 

If there are signs that your slip and fall should have been avoided, you should speak with an Austin slip and fall lawyer immediately. 

Seek the Compensation You Deserve

Slip and fall claims can be complicated, and you should not have to worry about navigating this process while you are already dealing with your injuries and medical treatment. Steps that our legal team can handle include:

  • Assessing whether another person or company should be liable for your losses
  • Filing the proper insurance claims, which might be with property or business coverage
  • Negotiating a settlement that covers all of your past and future losses
  • Taking the matter to court if an insurance company does not make a reasonable settlement offer

Learn How an Austin Slip and Fall Attorney Can Help

The Martinez Law Firm represents the rights of slip and fall victims, and we can help you seek the full compensation you need for your losses. Call us today at (512) 444-0025 or contact us online for a free case evaluation and discussion. 

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